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At Shane’s Fine Drycleaning, we work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. But don’t just take our word for it; read praise from some of our past customers who were more than happy with the service they received.


Shane's is absolutely the best dry cleaner that I have even experienced. Shane cares about the quality of the finished product and cares about the customer. I applaud her for her professional approach in an industry where many individuals look at their work simply as a job that needs to be done. Thank you Shane!

J.T. (Tom) S.


Shane's is the best dry cleaner I've ever used. Awesome service, decent prices and great work. You can tell that Shane cares about her business and doesn't see you as just another job. I would highly recommend this place.

Lindsey N.


My wedding dress was so stunning and gorgeous! and its all thanks to Shane's services. Weeks to my wedding, seamstress screwed up my wedding dress pretty bad and sent me over to Shanes' for cleaning. Not only did Shane refer me to a better seamstress, she told her it was urgent and got it cleaned just in time before my big day. Shane calmed my fear of maybe I had to buy another dress! She went above and beyond for me and made me a very happy bride. I highly recommend Shane services.



I got in touch with Shane about 10 years ago. I had an unexpected change in my schedule and found myself cold calling around Westhills looking for a drycleaner who could turn around some cleaning on very short notice. After a half dozen unsuccessful calls to other shops I got Shane on the phone. I explained I was in a tight spot and she agreed to help me out. When I picked up the clothes she told me I ought to remember the favor and come see her for my cleaning the next time around. A decade has passed and she has done a great job with all my stuff the whole time. I would not go anywhere else.

Mike T.


I have been a customer of Shane's from day one. Suits and pants mostly, as we make it a habit of buying "non-iron, easily washable shirts that I do myself. I love ironing, what can I say? The other day I dropped off my son's suit to be dry cleaned. He is in his last year of University. Due to his physique, he had it MTM last Fall for the purpose of interviewing for jobs upon graduation, and needless to say it's his one and only suit (until the paycheques...) He had what he thought a few days gap where he could let it go to have cleaned. I asked Shane if it can be "ready as soon as possible" (as I explained it's his one and only "interviewing" suit), and she said it could be ready the "day after next". No sooner did I arrive home to a panicked son asking me if the suit was dropped off as he received a call for an interview the next day. In a panic he called Shane as he would need to rush down and pick it up before closing. As it so happened Shane worked on it as soon as it was dropped off and I left the cleaners, and he could pick up the next day. Unbelievable! Shane is an amazing businesswoman and pays attention to detail like no one else. She is the best in the SW. 

Thanks so much Shane!

Paula P.



I just wanted to say thank you. I dropped off a blazer and shirt there and you guys noticed my blazer had no buttons, and you added buttons. It was really nice of you and I appreciate it. I hope you're having a happy holiday and that you will have a great new years!



I just wanted to write you a little note to say thank you for your kindness when I came to you to clean my wedding dress! Not only did I have a small budget, but I couldn’t fathom spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dress. After my dress found me at Value Village, you were able to clean it for a price even I could afford. You did such a wonderful job on it, I can tell your heart was in it. For you to extend such kindness to me (a complete stranger) was a personal service you don’t see these days. It’s nice to know there are people out there that still have a heart.

Our wedding isn’t until January, but I just pulled out the dress again and I’m still amazed at how beautiful it is. You made it come back to life. I am forever thankful to you and cannot express my gratitude. I will be sure to pay your generosity and kindness forward.



happy customer

Finally!! Again I wanted to say BIG THANKS for the beautiful job you did in caring and cleaning my wedding gown! I still can't believe it sat in a garment bag for 22 years!! Oh my word.....When I brought it to you I really never thought there would be any hope! How would it even be possible to remove the stains after 22 years (AND THERE WAS A LOT).....But you gave me hope & then went to work. My husband was beyond happy, I never realized he was that sentimental! You are a mini miracle worker & I so appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. So you are my go to girl! Your work ethic & attention to detail is the stuff legends are made of!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL:) 

FOREVER GRATEFUL and a very happy customer! 


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